Contact Us

P.O. Box 1470 Inuvik, NT. XOE OTO Phone ~ 867-777-3040 Fax ~ 867-777-2261

For emergency calls, contact Deborah Reid at 867 620 2297

Principal ~ Deborah Reid (formerly Maguire) at
Assistant Principal ~ Chauna MacNeil at

Maribeth Pokiak (Gwich’in Language)

 Christina Pierrot (Gr. 2B)


 Kirsten Fleuty ( PST )

 Donna Johns (Inuvialuktun Language)

 Ashley Wood ( Gr. 2A)

 Abe Drennan (6.B )

Stephanie Parkes (6A )

Dwayne Drescher (Gr. 4A)

Michelle Wright (Gr. 3A)

Maryssa Camacho( Gr.5/6 C Fr. Im.)

Jane Dale (K3)

Josie McConnell (Gr. 4/5)

Victoria Bodnar ( Gr.5)

Joanne Francis (Gr 3)

 Richard LeTourneau


Stephanie Parkes (Gr. 5/6B)

Janna Wolki (PST )

Nadine Wagner ( Physical Education)

Gabriel Regimbald ( Gr.2/3 C Fr. Im.)



Patricia MacAulay (Art Therapist)


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