Honourary Wolves

Honourary Wolf Award! Lillian Wright

Lillian Wright is a constant present at our school. She comes in each day to work with the kindergarten students through the Elders in the School Program. Her work is helping the students with their reading and she is a positive person in their lives. She deserves this recognition for her contribution to the school!

The “Honourary Wolf Award” is given to members of the community (old and young) who have demonstrated support and contributed to the well-being of our students. The recipients are nominated by school staff members and students.\


Honourary Wolf Award! Mabel English

Mabel has helped provide traditional knowledge on the plants in the Mackenzie delta with the students of East Three. She has also shared the singing and traditional music of the Gwich’in drum. Mabel has helped with the Gwich’in classroom and the school for many years. The students love seeing Jijuu Mabel and greeting her daily. Mabel shared her knowledge about plants used traditionally for medicine and shared with us stories how she grew up on the land and learned the proper techniques for for making traditional medicine. The kids love seeing her and are engaged the entire time during her presentations.

The “Honourary Wolf Award” is given to members of the community (old and young) who have demonstrated support and contributed to the well-being of our students. The recipients are nominated by school staff members and students.


Honourary Wolves!!! Mr Sam and Mrs Margaret Lennie!!

Mr. Sam Lennie has been a part of Sir Alexander MacKenzie School and East Three Elementary for about 12 years. Mr. Dayman remembers back to when he asked Mrs. Ipana who would be local elders that would be able to help in the school. Mr. Lennie was one of those names. He was contacted and the rest is history.

Mr. Lennie has been an invaluable part of our Elementary School teaching youth about the Inuvialuit and Gwich’in cultures. His many real life experiences and stories have always kept the students engaged. “Sam really explained things well to the students,” recalls Ms. Kay. “He did a good job explaining and showing the kids how to set snares and the fishnet.” His motto of “always doing your best” is one that the students will always remember.

His hands on lessons of making traditional muskox jiggling sticks, harpoons, and ulus are experiences that students will never forget and have enabled them to take part in Inuvialuit culture.

Outside of the school Mr. Lennie has shared his knowledge of the land with students. These have included trips to SAMS Nunami, Husky Lakes, his own camp, Yaya Lake, and the Boot Lake camp. He has taught us about setting fish nets and snares, trapper training programs, moose hunting and many more adventures. He explained how you could tell direction by looking at the worn side of trees. Mr. Lennie is someone the students and staff respect and rely upon as someone they can trust and gain knowledge about the culture of the area.

Mr. Lennie has not only assisted at the school level, but was also brought in to work with the Territorial Heritage Fair. The knowledge that he passed on to the students across the territories touched their lives. One of the students from Yellowknife used the jiggling stick he made to win a place in the following year’s Territorial Heritage Fair.

We cannot forget about his wife, Margaret Lennie as she has been there to assist us as well. We have been privileged to have the opportunity to learn from elders like them; Elders who understand our students and elders who expect only the best. We would like to thank Mr. Lennie and Margaret for taking their time and sharing in their local customs and traditions. For this, we are very thankful.

The Elementary School would like to thank them for the partnership they created and for the many students they touched along the way.

Mr. Dayman and other staff members are not only thankful for the wisdom they passed on and continue to pass on, but are also thankful for the friendships that were created along the way.

Thanks again Mr. Lennie. Thanks for all the memories.


Announcing our next HONOURARY WOLVES!!
Congratulations to Angus and Frieda Alunik! Thank you for all of your help and support!!

Angus and Frieda Alunik have been married for 43 years. They live in their home in the Delta along the Mackenzie River. They have been working with youth in an On-the-land capacity for more than 35 years. During that time they have shared their knowledge of Inuvialuit culture with thousands of youth. They have allowed young people to observe and experience various traditional activities, such as hunting, trapping, skinning, tanning, fishing, fish net setting, traditional sewing and cooking as well as the harvesting of various plants (e..g. spruce gum, berries, etc.). All students and school staff that have had the opportunity to be part of OTL experiences led by this fantastic duo regret only one thing: not having more time learn from the caring couple.


Ms. Emma Dick is a valuable member of our school community as a wise elder. She was born on April 7th in the Mackenzie Delta. She went to school until grade 6 because that’s as far as the grades went in school back then. She and her late husband raised their family in the Delta and later moved into Inuvik. She loved learning so much that she went to Fort Smith one summer and took courses to help her work at Sir Alexander Mackenzie School. She was the very first Language Specialist at SAMS. Emma supports and encourages education for everyone. She is STILL working with students at East Three Elementary! She works two times per week in the Inuvialuktun Kindergarten class as the class elder. Her favourite activities include Facebooking with her friends, sewing, and of course, BINGO!! Emma also happily invites interested adults into her home to make various traditional foods and she has a wickedly fun sense of humour! East Three Elementary is so very pleased have her as our first Honourary Wolf!